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The Chosen (Luke Ep 4) - TXQ

The Chosen (Luke Ep 4) - TXQ

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The first lightsaber ever seen, The Chosen is a replica of the saber that Obi-wan gives to young Luke and that belonged to his father Anakin Skywalker (The Chosen One). This version is like the saber seen in Ep4.

This saber is machined from high quality aluminum and resembles a graflex flash like the ones used in 1977 to manufacture lightsabers.

NOTE: Manufacturing time is approximately 15 business days. We will be notifying you throughout the process so you know exactly where your Laredo Saber is going.

Included in the purchase:

Fabrication material

- Aluminum handle with anodized details

Lighting and sound

*Option 1:

- 9W RGB LED light (multicolor) Default

- Standard RGBX sound card with 9 selectable 2W sound sources

*Option 2:

- Multicolor 50W Neopixel

- SN_Pixel card, with 15+ 2w sound sources.

*Option 3:

- Multicolor 50W Neopixel

- Golden Harvest V3 card, with 20+ 3w sound sources.

*Option 4:

- Multicolor 50W Neopixel

- Proffie Board 2.2 card, with 20+ 3w sound sources.

- 18650 lithium rechargeable battery


- 18650 lithium rechargeable battery


- 1" (25.4mm) polycarbonate blade for light to moderate combat. (Approx. blade length from 82 to 90 cm.) The length varies between models.

- USB charger cable (Max 2 Amps)

- Allen key and extra screws to hold the blade.

For Replicas it also includes

- A protective case

- Display support

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