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Manual for normal LED sabers (LGT and TXQ): Manual

Neopixel (SN_Pixel V3)

You can download the SN_Pixel V3 card manual here: Manual

Neopixel (Xenopixel V2)

You can download the Xenopixel V2 card manual here: Xenopixel Manual

For firmware updates download the most recent one and follow the instructions in the manual: Updates

Neopixel (Golden Harvest V3)

You can download the manual for the Golden Harvest V3 card here: Manual

For more information about this card visit the SaberTec site

Neopixel (Proffieboard 2.2)

All information related to the Proffieboard V2.2 card can be found here: Proffieboard

To download the proffieOS operating system please visit this link: ProffieOS

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