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Exclusive models

Get to know our exclusive models 100% designed and produced by Laredo Sabers.

Clan Saber Series 1

Fisto clan style

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Clone Slayer

5layer 0f C1ones

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Younglings Protector

Youngling Protector

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Frequent questions

What is the difference between RGB and Neopixel?

RGB is when the grip works as a flashlight. That is to say it has a high power LED in it. With this you can have the leaf color you want but the effects that can be done are limited.

Neopixel is a technology that puts many LEDs on the blade instead of the handle and can be configured individually to create countless effects like those seen on the screen.

I don't see my favorite saber...

Don't worry, we can get it, write to us via chat or on Facebook and tell us what you need.

I have a problem with my saber

Contact us and we will assist you in less than 24 hours. The most important thing for us is that our clients have the best possible experience. We have all the experience to solve your problem.