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Darksaber - TXQ

Darksaber - TXQ

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This is the way!

The Darksaber now belongs to Din Djarin and if you want to have yours you will have to defeat him in combat. Another option is to purchase this replica from us and that's it! It features a blade in the traditional shape of the Darksaber.

This Darksaber is a collaboration with TXQ. 100% design by Laredo Sabers.

Short video: Darksaber by TXQ

NOTE: Manufacturing time is approximately 15 business days.

Included in the purchase:

1. Aluminum handle with:

Lighting and Sound

Option 1:

* 50W Neopixel light (multicolor)

* SN_Pixel card with 16 sound sources (non-replaceable) and various pre-configured visual effects.

Option 2:

* 50W Neopixel light (multicolor)

* Golden Harvest V3 card with 20 sound sources (Interchangeable) and various pre-configured visual effects.

Option 3:

* 50W Neopixel light (multicolor)

* Proffie board 2.2 card with 20 sound sources (Interchangeable) and several preconfigured visual effects.


* 18650 lithium rechargeable battery

2. 1" (25.4mm) polycarbonate blade for light to moderate combat. (Blade length approx. 82 cm.)

3. USB Charger Cable (Max 2 Amps)

4. Allen key and extra screws to hold the blade.

Option 4:

Just the handle, without electronics or the blade.

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