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Laredo Sabers

polycarbonate sheet

polycarbonate sheet

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We have replacement saber blades or to improve the one you already have. All our sheets are made of polycarbonate. We have 3 types:

1. Normal: 2mm thick blade for display and light to moderate combat.

2. Neopixel: 2mm thick sheet with LEDs inside. Ideal for display. Light combat only.

3. Heavy combat: 3mm thick blade ideal for combat and choreography.


  • The standard and most common size for a saber is the 25.4mm diameter blade with a length of 82cm.
  • The Neopixel version is not recommended for Moderate combat, only light combat since the LEDs can be damaged.
  • For the 19mm blades we do not have a Neopixel or combat option.

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