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Laredo Sabers

Youngling Protector (No Electronics)

Youngling Protector (No Electronics)

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This saber is the first of many %100 Laredo Sabers projects. The handle is made of aluminum with anodized details in red, black and gray. It has a switch type detail at the bottom made of brass. It measures approximately 26.5cm long.

We are offering this saber in several options, but from its most basic level it comes with the following by default:

1. Aluminum handle as described above.

2. Safety cap decorated as seen on screen

3. Special box designed by Christian Cruz

4. Triangular saber name plate designed and manufactured by Christian Cruz

5. Two plugs on the knob, with sound slots and without display slots

6. The inner body can be rotated 180 degrees and show a damage-repellent slot and show the Kyber crystal.

The sales options are:

Without electronics:

- Includes everything mentioned in points 1 to 6

- Immediate delivery time


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