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A cheaper saber inspired by Luke ep 6. The handle is made of anodized aluminum. It comes equipped with a basic core with sound and multi-color LED. It has effects like hum, blaster block and clash.

NOTE: Manufacturing time is approximately 15 to 20 business days. We will be notifying you throughout the process so you know exactly where your Laredo Saber is going.

Included in the purchase:
1. Aluminum handle with:
* 3W RGB LED light (multicolor-16 colors)
* Card of Basic 2W sound
* 18650 lithium rechargeable battery

2. 1" (25.4mm) polycarbonate blade for light to moderate combat. (Blade length approx. 80 cm.)

3. USB Charger Cable (Max 2 Amps)

4. Allen key and extra screws to hold the blade.

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