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Laredo Sabers

Clan Saber Series #1 [Final payment]

Clan Saber Series #1 [Final payment]

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Warning! this is the final payment for those who pre-ordered these hilts paying 50% . If you didn't do the pre order and would still like to buy please check the Full payment link


  • Empty hilt (No electronics)
  • Accepts 7/8" (22.2mm) diameter blade.
  • Designed for 2 illuminated buttons
  • Accepts 28mm speaker
  • Includes one static blade plug and one with slots for light pass-through
  • Includes one static pommel without holes for display and one with holes for sound.
  • Includes box designed by Christian Cruz
  • Manufactured in Aluminum (With brass in the case of IMA-GUN DI)
  • Includes real bearings like the original prop
  • Includes o-rings like the original prop
  • In the case of Koth-Gallia, it includes original aviation rivets (UK)
  • System with interchangeable parts from the Clan Saber Craft line.

For more information on the development of this hilt, click HERE

Or f you don't like forums please read this BLOG


Note: These parts are compatible with the entire Clan Saber Craft System. You can combine sections to create custom saber designs.

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