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Laredo Sabers

Vertical saber stand [Digital file]

Vertical saber stand [Digital file]

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This is a set of 3D files to print at home of the Laredo Sabers vertical base. Includes 8 different logos.

Printing recommendations:

  1. Print it upright with supports only on the curved section at the bottom (from the outside), as some printers don't handle that little curve well.
  2. I recommend a minimum of 25% fill to give it a good weight.
  3. PLA or PETG work well.
  4. Maximum layer height of 0.2 mm.
  5. Minimum of 3 walls, 3 floors and 3 ceilings.

NOTE: When purchasing these files you are accepting that they are for personal use only. You are not authorized to sell 3d prints of these files.

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