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The Menace (Darth Maul) - TXQ

The Menace (Darth Maul) - TXQ

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This saber was seen in the Phantom Menace.  This one uses a 7/8" blade

NOTE: Manufacturing time is approximately 15 business days. We will be notifying you throughout the process so you know exactly where your Laredo Saber is going.

Included in the purchase:

Fabrication material

- Aluminum handle with anodized details

Lighting and sound

*Option 1:

- 9W RGB LED light (multicolor) Default

- Standard RGBX sound card with 9 selectable 2W sound sources

*Option 2:

- Multicolor 50W Neopixel

- SN_Pixel v4 card, with 20+ 3w sound sources.

*Option 3:

- Multicolor 50W Neopixel

- Proffieboard 2.2 card, with 20+ 3w sound sources.


- 18650 lithium rechargeable battery


7/8" (22.2mm) polycarbonate blades for light to moderate combat. (Blade length approx. from 82 cm.) Length varies between models.

- USB charger cable (Max 2 Amps)

- Allen key and extra screws to hold the blade.

For Replicas it also includes

- A protective case

- Display support

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