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Laredo Sabers

Rechargeable batteries

Rechargeable batteries

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We have extra batteries for your Laredo Saber. Rechargeable batteries have a useful lifespan and if yours no longer charges as before, we recommend replacing it. You can also purchase additional ones so that you don't run out of energy at an event or convention, so that you don't go looking for a way to recharge it in the middle of nowhere.

To know which one is appropriate you have to do 2 things, measure the length in millimeters and whether your saber is LED or neopixel.

If your saber is RGB LED your options are:

1. Standard 65mm (18650)

2. Standard 69mm (18650 protected)

If your saber is Neopixel your options are:

1. 65mm Neopixel (18650)

2. 69mm Neopixel (18650 protected)

3. Neopixel Jumbo (21700 protected)

Note: Neopixel batteries also work for RGB LEDs. However, the opposite is not recommended, that is, using a Standard battery in a Neopixel saber. The difference is that batteries with Neopixel require a greater amount of discharge amperage that standard batteries do not provide.

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