About us?

At Laredo Sabers we have many years of experience in design, assembly, conversion and modification of Lightsabers. Our first jobs were conversions of the Master Replicas Lightsabers around 2005, making them with removable blades with better sound, etc.

Our first saber designed and manufactured was that of Darth Malgus in 2012

Later we designed Kylo Ren's saber after The Force Awakens, which we worked with Phoenix Props to release 2 versions machined in aluminum PPV1 and PPV2.

We continue the collaboration with Phoenix Props to release Ben's saber only "The Light".

Today we have designed more than 30 sabers, of which more than half have been produced. We have worked together with other companies such as:

1. Phoneix Props (Kylo PPV1, PPV2, The light)

2. Saberbay (DSLA, Dark Matter, Geonobi, Master Sentinel V2, Arenakin)

3. TXQ (Darksaber)

4. StarFall Sabers (Legacy, Infinity Sabers, Alliance)

5. Shadowfoil props (Young Slayer)

6. 7th Chambers (Obi-Wan E3)

7. Ignition Sabers (Pending)

We also already have 2 models that we have produced exclusively. And we go for more.

Thank you for your trust and attention, may the force be with you.