Saberbay Darksaber Live Action

We are in the final stretch in the development of the Darksaber. We have the factory prototypes in our hands and we are going to make slight improvements so that this product is as close to perfection as possible. This saber is made of aluminum with some molded plastic parts for the small details that a CNC cannot achieve. We assure you that the level of similarity with the Darksaber that was seen on screen is greater than 98%, neither the Black series, nor Galaxys Edge or any other produced by fans comes close.

Here we leave you some images and a couple of videos.

with the leaf

With the Plug

It is now available to pre-order in our store for delivery around the month of October. We will only have 4 available and you can only get it from other suppliers at much higher prices.

Don't miss this opportunity to acquire your Darksaber Live Action. This is the Way!

Pre-Order it here: SaberBay DSLA

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