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A short time ago in a very very close galaxy...

Laredo Sabers begins operations on June 1, 2021. We start with an inventory of approximately 40 Lighsabers from different companies, bringing the best in the world to Mexico.

Although we have little to the Laredo Sabers name, we have many years of experience designing, assembling, converting and modifying Lightsabers. Our first jobs were conversions of the Master Replicas Lightsabers around 2005, making them with removable blades with better sound, etc.

With just over 15 years of experience we want to offer you the best quality at the best price on all our Lightsabers and accessories.

Thank you for visiting us and we are at your service to serve you, my colleague Roberto Lara and a server

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Súper recomendables y con gran experiencia en sus productos.

Juan Pablo Lalos

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