Factory Direct

In order to improve our prices and obtain new products faster, we are implementing the "Factory Direct" system.

Yesterday we had a conference with one of our suppliers and we asked him how we can increase our product portfolio and improve costs? A possible solution is direct shipping from the factory to our customers. This now time and cost of transit (from the factory to Laredo Sabers) and that savings is passed directly to you. Now, we are going to continue with the 3-month warranty, and if there is a problem we will review it ourselves and take responsibility, not the factory. Therefore, our clients will not have to worry about it.

That I have to do? If you see the Factory Direct Note in the product description, add it to your shopping cart and when selecting the shipping type you have to select the Factory Direct shipping option. You enter your payment method and that's it. Once the order is created, we take care of asking the factory to prepare the shipment and as soon as they give us the guide, we will notify you by email.

Will my shipment take long? Shipments from the factory are by plane and will only be made by recognized services such as DHL or Fedex and all will have a tracking guide to know exactly where it is coming from. We estimate that the total journey from purchase to arrival is 10 to 15 business days.

What will happen if it is reviewed at Customs? Don't worry, we will take care of following up and if you need to pay additional taxes, we will let you know.

Is this not simple dropshipping? No, the differences are 3:

1. We will use only DHL or Fedex air.

2. We will track the shipment and if necessary we will notify you about any excess taxes at customs.

3. We maintain the same 3-month warranty and we will take care of your Laredo Saber in case of a problem, not the factory.

Does this service apply throughout the store? This service will be available only for some models since we will continue with local inventory for direct sales and especially for events and exhibitions.

If you have any questions, contact us.

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