Dark Matter - Saberbay / Laredo Sabers

Our second (of many) collaborative work with Saberbay is about to start production.

It all started about 10 years ago when the game Star Wars Knights of the old Republic came out. Where some characters called Sith Vindicators came out. These had very original double sabers as shown in the following official illustration:

From that moment I dreamed of one day seeing the saber at the bottom materialize. And after waiting so long and seeing that no one produced said saber, we decided to approach our friends at Saberbay and the owner became a reality.

A Facebook group called The Saberbay 94 was created in which a limited round of Dark Matter will be managed. Saberbay will not do installations, that is, only the handle will be for sale, however if you are interested in a fully functional one, check it out with us.

Here are some images of the prototype.

Thank you

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