Important Changes in Laredo Sabers

Dear clients of Laredo Sabers, first of all we want to thank you for your attention and invaluable support since our beginnings in July 2021. Without you this small venture would be nothing, thank you very much.

During all this time we have realized that the Lightsabers market has been constantly evolving and just as we appeared, many more companies have been doing the same. For the client this represents more options and they can choose the best price, service, etc. All of this is healthy and beneficial for everyone, however for us this means that we have to look for options to compete.

Laredo Sabers has 2 forms of business:

1. We buy sabers directly from factories like Nexus (LGT) and TXQ. We order these products, import them, etc., once they arrive we inspect them, pack them and send them to you.

2. We design sabers to manufacture them either exclusively from Laredo Sabers or in collaboration with other companies.

Both are equally important, however, the first is where there is more competition today. Many of the companies in Mexico that sell Lightsabers also buy from the same factories.

That is why our focus from now on will be point 2. Design and manufacturing. This does not mean that we will stop buying from TXQ or Nexus, it just means that there will be a smaller selection of what we consider to be basics that we have to have in our store.

The next change will be a reorganization of our page to make it easier for you to find what you are looking for.

Finally and perhaps the most significant change is that Laredo Sabers will become Laredo Sabers LLC. This means that it will be a company located in the United States, therefore transactions will be carried out in US dollars and not in Mexican pesos.

The reason is very simple, the design and manufacturing service extends beyond the border, we have an international presence since we have shipped sabers in Europe, including Australia. It is easier to make transactions in dollars with other countries and especially make shipments from the USA.

On the other hand, Nexus and TXQ sabers are distributed throughout the world by other businesses like ours. This part of our business is only carried out in Mexico.

Fortunately, our geographical location will allow us to continue sending Lightsabers to the entire republic, so the cost of shipping will not be affected. The only impact will be, in the worst case, the dollar vs. peso exchange rate.

The benefits that we will have by being an LLC company are many and will help us to be able to invest in more projects, improvements, etc. Laredo Sabers will continue to operate as normal and we will keep you updated (over the next 2 months) as we reorganize.

Thank you very much and may the force be with you.

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